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Welcome to our top-notch smartphone repair service, where we breathe new life into your beloved devices! At Dynamic Computers & Mobiles Inc., we understand the frustration that comes with a cracked screen, malfunctioning buttons, or a sluggish device. Our team of skilled technicians is here to provide swift and reliable smartphone repairs, ensuring your device is back in your hands in no time.

Services Offered:

Screen Replacement: Cracked screen? No problem! Our technicians specialize in quick and efficient screen replacements for a wide range of smartphone models.

Battery Replacement: Is your phone struggling to hold a charge? Our experts can replace your battery, restoring your device's power and longevity.

Water Damage Restoration: Accidentally dropped your phone in water? Act fast and bring it to us for professional water damage restoration services to prevent further issues.

Software Troubleshooting: Facing software glitches, crashes, or slow performance? Our technicians can diagnose and resolve software issues, optimizing your device's functionality.

Camera Repair: Capture every moment with a fully functional camera. We offer camera repairs and replacements to ensure your photos and videos are crystal clear.

Button and Port Repairs: Non-responsive buttons or malfunctioning ports? Our skilled technicians can repair or replace faulty buttons and ports, restoring full functionality to your device.

Diagnostic Services: Not sure what's wrong with your phone? Our comprehensive diagnostic services can pinpoint issues, providing you with an accurate assessment and repair plan.

Don't let a damaged smartphone slow you down. Visit us for expert smartphone repair services and let us bring your device back to life!


Contact Us: +1 905-232-0221 |

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